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Eligibility and Membership

Membership of Lottery Agents Queensland is open to all agents who sell Golden Casket products. The majority of lottery agents recognize the benefits of having a body specifically focused on lottery products and issues.

The annual membership subscription is tax deductible and is collected on the authorization of individual members by the Golden Casket through the EFT facilities in July/August each year.

Benefits of Membership

LAQ is authorised to negotiate with Golden Casket on Agent's behalf

LAQ will continue to have an effective role in negotiations with Golden Casket on a wide range of issues affecting agents for at least the next 5years

LAQ's role in the negotiations has been authorised by the ACCC

The following is an extract from the ACCC press release:

“The ACCC believes there is some benefit in allowing Casket agents to collectively negotiate with the corporation. The ACCC considers that the community generally has an interest in Casket agents benefiting from having increased effective input into contracts, particularly in situations where there is such a clear disparity in bargaining power”, Mr Samuel said.

“As the arrangements are voluntary, there is no boycott conduct, the industry is regulated and there is a limited degree to which Golden Casket agents can compete (both with and without the proposed arrangements) the ACCC believes any anti-competitive detriment would be negligible.

“LAQ ultimately satisfied the ACCC that the benefit to the public was sufficient to outweigh the negligible detriment that would follow from the proposed collective bargaining arrangement”.

A copy of the ACCC determination (32 pages) can be found on the ACCC
website under ‘Adjudications’.