About Us

Lottery Agents Queensland

Lottery Agents Queensland was formed in 1952 to ensure the interests and views of Lottery Agents were represented on issues affecting their business operations. This need for Agentsí representation in a fast changing business environment is even more important today than it was over 50 years ago.

The objectives of Lottery Agents Queensland include:


Lottery Agents Queensland is managed by a Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Executive Member, six Directors and Secretary.

With the exception of the Secretary, no member of the Board receives remuneration for services. Representation on the Board is drawn from the wide spectrum of agencies including large, small, suburban strip shopping centres, city and country agents. By having 5 Directors from locations outside the greater Brisbane area, the specific needs of Country and Regional Agents are represented in Board discussions.

Who we Represent

The vast majority of LAQ members are also newsagents. However, the distribution network for Golden Casket products is not restricted. Accordingly, LAQ has members in other host businesses such as convenience stores, petrol outlets, pharmacies and gift shops.


Lottery Agents Queensland has over the years been involved in consultation with Golden Casket Lottery Corporation and the Federal and State Government on a wide range of agent issues. Conditions enjoyed by agents are amongst the best applying to lottery agents in Australia.

Lottery Agents Queensland is proud of the role it has played in actively supporting and helping a network of over 1000 agents throughout Queensland.

Some important involvements by LAQ on behalf of members have included:



Mr T. Ross (Troy)

Tel: (07) 4942 1897 Fax: (07) 4942 1835
Email: mtpleasant@newsxpress.com.au


Mr A. Milligan (Anthony)

Tel: (07) 5572 9079
Email: resortnewsagency@gmail.com


Bribie Island
Mr Ross Lever

Tel: (07) 3410 0155 Fax: (07) 3410 0101
Email: bribienews@redzone.com.au


Mr A.O. Libke (Tony)
Level 2/190 Edward Street
GPO Box 1705, BRISBANE QLD 4000

Tel: (07) 3211 1017 Fax: (07) 3221 7267
Country: 1800 621 413
Email: admin@lotteryagentsqld.com.au


Mr G. Randall (Graham)
Phone: (07) 5593 0255
Email: robinatowncentre@newsxpress.com.au

Mr B. Dean (Bradley)

Tel: 0417 886 352
Email: brjdean@bigpond.com

Should you have an enquiry about a Casket Office matter, please feel free to contact the Association Secretary, Tony Libke or Director in your area.